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Victoria, Beast Hunter | Hero, Knight, Paladin | 32mm / 28mm Fantasy Miniature, D&D, Wargames, Tabletop | Bite The Bullet

Victoria, Beast Hunter | Hero, Knight, Paladin | 32mm / 28mm Fantasy Miniature, D&D, Wargames, Tabletop | Bite The Bullet

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Upgrade your old minis with the best this century can offer!

Astonishing designs, the best printing tech available, delivered fast to your home.



Some minis come without base by default, and you can add their corresponding original beautifully carved bases as an option, BUT some others are only offered with the base because they are part of the figure, the figure would not stand in any other base, or because is required in order to ship it securely.

You can add the base by selecting the "w/ Base" option in the "size" menu.

You will receive the mini with the original base for the design integrated with the miniature, printed as one piece.

The bases are usually several millimeters thick, increasing the total height of the miniature.


*L RPG: The rider is at 28mm or 32mm scale, mounted on a 50mm base

*H RPG: Huge size creature (frost giant) at the typical scale for D&D or Pathfinder, around 80-120mm tall if it is humanoid, fitting into a 75mm base

Bite the Bullet models are created to be printed at a 32mm scale or larger.


*Solid Color: matte black resin

*Transparent: printed in clear translucid resin material

*Blue Transparent: printed in blue translucid resin material

If transparent or blue transparent are not on the options, you can always ask for it on customization.

The color does not change the other characteristics of the item and will be covered by your paint anyway.


This miniature is printed using an eco-friendly, BPA Free, non-toxic photopolymer resin.

Hi-Res Resin Printing gets excellent detail with little to no marks.


Minis are cleaned and cured by hand, and fully assembled, ready for you to prime and paint.

In some special cases, parts that would make the painting process difficult would arrive separately for you to glue after painting.


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We would love to see pictures of your painted minis, ready for the dungeon!

Nyobium Games is officially licensed to sell physical prints of Bite the Bullet. Original digital .stl files of this model can be purchased either by joining the Bite the Bullet Patreon (at: or at MyMiniFactory (at: https://www. )

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What I got was lovely. But I was expecting a whole set and only got one. Buyers be aware of that and adjust accordingly.